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Small Biz Can Now Charge Customers For Credit Card Fees


Did you know that small business owners in Ontario are now allowed to charge customers for credit card fees?

Visa and MasterCard have given small business owners permission to charge a maximum surcharge of 2.4 percent to customers. This will cover the cost of processing their credit card fees. This credit card processing fee could apply to any type of business in Ontario. Businesses include restaurants and bars, florists, coffee shops and other small business retailers.

So what does that mean for the average consumer?

On a hundred dollar bill, customers already pay 13 percent tax on most products and services. And that same customer would pay an 15 to 20 percent if they included a tip for service if it’s a restaurant, bar or other service business.

That same consumer would now have to pay an additional 2.4 percent more to help those same businesses cover the cost of processing their own credit card transaction.

Many small business owners are debating whether or not to levy this credit card surcharge. This could lead to the risk of losing customers. Visa and MasterCard are the companies committing the real crime. These credit card companies continue to gouge their merchants.

Why do credit card companies charge a percentage amount to process your card? Why isn’t it a flat fee instead?

A credit card machine performs the same function to bill and process a card $5 dollars or $250 dollars.

It seems like a totally flawed system and everyone just appears to just let it happen without complaint.

While Visa and MasterCard rake in the money and let Ontario small business owners take the blame.

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