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Ontario Land Transfer Tax

Who Pays The Ontario Land Transfer Tax? Home Buyers Or Home Sellers? The simple answer to that question is the home buyer is 100 percent responsible for paying the Ontario land transfer tax for the purchase of a condo or house in Ontario. But did you know that home buyers are taxed twice for the privilege of purchasing a Toronto house or condo? The home buyer must pay a municipal and a provincial land...


Is Liberty Village A Good Neighbourhood?

Is Liberty Village a good neighbourhood? I'm often asked by real estate buyers and renters looking for condos in downtown Toronto if Liberty Village is a good neighbourhood to live in. The easy answer has always been YES and here's why. Location: Liberty Village is a neighbourhood located in the heart of downtown Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The neighbourhood is bordered to the south by the Gardiner...


The Best Bars And Pubs To Get A Drink In Liberty Village

The best bars and pubs to get a drink in Liberty Village If you're in the mood for a tasty beverage in Liberty Village, Toronto, there are quite a few neighbourhood bars and pubs to choose from. Whether you're hanging out with friends and family or connecting with business coworkers and clients, there's a bar or pub just right for you. Here are the best bars and pubs to get a drink in Liberty...


Does Racism Exist In Toronto Real Estate?

Does racism exist in the Toronto real estate market? A new report from the Ontario Real Estate Association (OREA) has found that systemic racism in Toronto real estate is still a major issue, particularly in the rental market. Based on the OREA report in conjunction with an Ipsos survey, 93 percent of Black realtors and 60 percent of all consumers surveyed believe discrimination exists in the Toronto...


Stink Bids Are Smelling Up Toronto’s Real Estate Market

If you think the Toronto real estate market smells bad these days, with rising interest rates and the desperate need for more affordable housing, it’s about to get a whole lot stinkier. Stink bids are making a come back in Toronto. So what is a stink bid? A stink bid is essentially a really low ball offer from a buyer well below list price. It’s an aggressive offer tactic used to test a sellers...


Do Landlords Have To Pay Rent Deposit Interest To Tenants?

Do landlords have to pay deposit interest to tenants for condo rentals in Toronto? Did you know Ontario landlords are required to pay their condo tenants annual interest on their last month rent deposit? Since it’s not technically used until the last month of tenancy, the landlord is required to pay the tenant interest on that deposit. And Ontario landlords are supposed to pay interest to tenants...


Are Condo Rent Deposits Legal In Toronto?

Condo rent deposits are legal in Toronto but it depends on what type of deposit it is. Most Toronto landlords require that condo rental tenants initially pay first and last months rent via deposit before they move in, which is completely legal in Ontario. However, this is a rent deposit NOT a security deposit which is NOT allowed in Ontario. Landlords are not allowed to charge tenants additional fees...

liberty market loft building

Liberty Market Lofts 5 Hanna Ave

Completed in 2013 by BLVD Developments, Liberty Market Lofts is located at 5 Hanna Ave on the south end of Hannah Avenue in Toronto’s Liberty Village neighbourhood. Liberty Market Lofts is an 8-storey building with 295 units designed by architect Rudy Wallman, and zoned as live/work loft units. Suites range in size and layout from 259 square feet to 1,600 square feet and the lofts span either one...

toy factory loft condos

Toy Factory Lofts 43 Hanna Ave

Completed in 2008 by Lanterra Developments and located at 43 Hanna Ave, Toy Factory Lofts is a 7-storey hard loft with 213 units in Liberty Village at the corner of Hanna Ave and East Liberty St. A former Irwin toy factory, its inspired namesake, the Toy Factory building’s red brick, industrial-style exterior stands out from other residential condo buildings in the area. Units range in size and...

liberty market tower condo building

Liberty Market Tower Condos 117 East Liberty St

Created by Lifetime Developments and completed in 2021, Liberty Market Tower Condos is a 28-storey building with 281 luxury condominium units in the heart of Liberty Village, Toronto. Liberty Market Tower Condos offers a variety of suite sizes and layouts from studio, 1 and 2 bedroom plus den units ranging in size from 450 square feet to 1,050 square feet. Liberty Market Tower Condos units...

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