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How To Buy a House in Toronto

How To Buy a House in Toronto Navigating Toronto's Real Estate: Your Essential Guide to Buying a House in Toronto Have you ever dreamed about owning a house in one of Canada’s most vibrant cities? You're not alone. Buying a house in Toronto is a dream for many. However, the process can seem complex, especially when faced with questions like: How much income is needed to own a home in Toronto? Is buying...


Essential Tips for First Time Toronto Condo Buyers

Essential Tips for First Time Toronto Condo Buyers Hello, prospective Toronto homeowners! Are you considering diving into the bustling Toronto real estate market and making your first condo purchase? Navigating the real estate terrain can be challenging, especially when you're a first-time buyer. Today, we'll be exploring key questions that first-time condo buyers in Toronto often have. How Much Income...


Salary Needed For Home Buying in Toronto

What Salary Do You Need For Home Buying in Toronto? It's a great question to ask in this seemingly bearish real estate market climate right now. If you're looking to buy a home in Toronto, and are wondering how much you need to make, you might want to start saving up. According to a new report from RBC Economics, home ownership costs in the city have skyrocketed, driven by soaring interest rates. The...

ontario land transfer tax

Ontario Land Transfer Tax

Who Pays The Ontario Land Transfer Tax? Home Buyers Or Home Sellers? The simple answer to that question is the home buyer is 100 percent responsible for paying the Ontario land transfer tax. This applies to the purchase of a condo or house in Ontario. A homebuyer in Ontario is taxed twice for the privilege of purchasing a Toronto house or condo.  The home buyer must pay a municipal and a provincial...

stink house bid in toronto real estate

Stink Bids Are Smelling Up Toronto’s Real Estate Market

If you think the Toronto real estate market smells bad these days, with rising interest rates and the desperate need for more affordable housing, it’s about to get a whole lot stinkier. Stink bids in the Toronto real estate market are back. What is a stink bid real estate? A stink bid is essentially a really low ball offer from a buyer well below list price. It’s an aggressive offer tactic used to...

Toronto real estate prices

Are Toronto Real Estate Prices Dropping?

Are Toronto Real Estate Prices Dropping? The Toronto real estate market is known for its high prices and fierce competition. In the recent past, buyers often engaged in bidding wars to secure their dream home. However, recent trends in the market have raised the question of whether Toronto real estate prices are dropping. Let's examine the current state of the Toronto real estate market and whether...

condo rentals toronto

How Much Does It Cost To Rent A Condo In Toronto?

Many rental clients often ask me an for an update on condo rentals in Toronto and their primary question is focused on how much does it cost to rent a condo in Toronto? According to recent stats, the average rent per month for a 1-bedroom condo in Toronto has reached $2,300 per month. The average rental price for a 2-bedroom Toronto condo is now more than $3,000 per month. The average monthly...

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