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Step Inside 1030 King St West – DNA 3 Condo: Toronto’s Ultimate Urban Retreat

1030 King St West DNA 3 Condo King West Toronto

Step Inside 1030 King St West – DNA 3 Condo: Toronto’s Ultimate Urban Retreat

The sprawling Toronto skyline is ever evolving, boasting an array of architectural marvels. Nestled amidst this urban tapestry is the DNA 3 Condos at 1030 King St West, sister building to DNA Condos at 1 Shaw St and DNA 2 at 1005 King St West. This stunning development captures the essence of modern urban living, epitomizing luxury and innovation in the heart of King West. It’s a perfect retreat for first-time homebuyers or renters for 5 key reasons:

  1. The Making of a Masterpiece

Introduced in 2014, the DNA 3 Condos signifies the culminating triumph of Canderel’s construction journey in the DNA series. Graziani + Corazza, the genius minds behind its design, reimagined contemporary condo living, ensuring DNA 3 stood as an embodiment of creative evolution. With 14 majestic stories, the loft is a testament to architectural brilliance, blending seamlessly with King West’s industrial heritage while showcasing contemporary elegance.

  1. Exquisite Amenities for a Luxurious Lifestyle

DNA 3 isn’t just about exquisite living spaces; it’s an experience. Residents are treated to an array of amenities, including an ambient rain room with teak floors, a sun-filled communal sundeck with a misting station, and more. Whether it’s movie nights in the theatre room, fitness sessions in the gym, or brainstorming in the business centre, DNA 3 ensures life here is nothing short of exceptional.

  1. Modern Suites That Speak to Sophistication: 1030 King St West DNA 3

Embodying the spirit of urban luxury, suites at DNA 3 range from an efficient 250 square feet to sprawling 1,000 square foot spaces. Each unit is a masterclass in design. Floor-to-ceiling glass walls open to airy balconies, ensuring uninterrupted vistas of King West’s vibrant streetscape.

  1. King West – Where Life Happens

Living at 1030 King St West places residents at the nexus of convenience and culture. Basic amenities, from groceries at the Independent City Market to banking with TD, are right below. And for those days when you want to unwind outdoors? Massey Harris Park provides a serene escape. Venture a little further, and the iconic Queen West awaits, teeming with eclectic art galleries and boutiques, ensuring every exploration is an adventure.

  1. Connectivity Like No Other

Navigating Toronto from 1030 King West is a breeze. The efficient streetcar system ensures swift travels, with St. Andrew station just 15 minutes away. For those preferring the open road, Lakeshore Boulevard and the Gardiner Expressway are prime choices. And for jetsetters? Both Pearson International and Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport are in proximity, ensuring the world is just a flight away.

The DNA 3 Condos at 1030 King St West isn’t just another address: it’s a lifestyle statement. A blend of luxury, location, and connectivity makes it an awesome urban retreat in King West. Whether you’re a young professional looking for your first home or someone seeking an urban sanctuary, DNA 3 promises a life of unparalleled splendour in Toronto’s heart. Discover condos for sale or rent now.

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