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King West


10 Morrison St – Fashion District Lofts

Discover the Modern Charm of 10 Morrison St - Fashion District Lofts in King West, Toronto Welcome to 10 Morrison St. This is where style, setting, and modernity come together to create a truly remarkable living experience. Located in the vibrant Fashion District of King West, Toronto, these lofts offer a refreshing break from simplicity and routine. Designed by Peter Freed, a renowned developer in the...


650 King Street West – Six50 King Condos

Step Into The Elegance of Six50 King Condos Set your sights on the stunning Six50 King Condos. These condos are located at the lively crossroads of 650 King Street West, in the heart of Toronto's vibrant King West neighbourhood. An architectural masterpiece, these twin 16-storey towers defy the traditional vertical skyscraper norm with their unique geometric façade. It’s an eye-catching structure that...


775 King Street West – Minto Condos

775 King Street West - Minto Stepping into the heart of King West, Toronto, one cannot miss the iconic 775 King Street West – Minto Condos. It has a commanding presence. A blend of classic red brick at the base and sleek, modern glass above acts a beacon for city dwellers seeking a harmonious fusion of urban sophistication and eco-friendly living. Spanning a substantial part of the block, the Minto 775...


560 King St West – Fashion House

Fashion House, 560 King St West, in King West, Toronto Ready to uncover the hidden gem of King West, Toronto? You'll love 560 King St West, the Fashion House - where luxurious living is blended with comfort and style. Meet the Mastermind - Peter Freed The Fashion House stands tall as a masterpiece of Peter Freed. Freed is the undisputed King of King West when it comes to luxury residences. Freed is...

thompson residences - 55 stewart st - king west

55 Stewart St – Thompson Residences

Welcome to 55 Stewart St: Your Dream Home at Thompson Residences in King West A Glimpse of Peter Freed's Masterpiece at 55 Stewart St When it comes to luxury condos in Toronto's King West neighbourhood, Peter Freed and his talented team at Freed Developments are high on that list. Known as the King of King West, Freed has played a key role in transforming the area with elegant residences. The Thompson...

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